The Devil Went Down To Islington. John Robertson (Spencer Brown)
The Devil Went Down To Islington

The Devil Went Down To Islington

  • 2023 film

Comedy horror about two friends who accidentally sell their souls to the devil. Stars Spencer Brown, James Lance, Sophie Colquhoun, Olivia Grant, Michael Smiley and more.


Set over the Halloween weekend, this comedy-horror follows an underachieving music teacher (Spencer Brown) and his dodgy colleague (James Lance) who end a big night out by unwittingly selling their souls to the devil for three days' good fortune.

Featuring: Spencer Brown (John Robertson), James Lance (Nick Kolski), Sophie Colquhoun (Zoe Beel), Michael Smiley (Father Crowley), Mark Benton (Barry Grossman), Ronni Ancona (Mrs. Spencer), Dominic Coleman (The Devil) & Dani Moseley (Lucy Ferne).

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