One Wild Oat

1951 British comedy film.

One Wild Oat

One Wild Oat

Humphrey Proudfoot (Robertson Hare) is a class-conscious solicitor whose daughter falls in love with the son of a disreputable greyhound owner - Alfred Gilbey (Stanley Holloway) - who lives in the same apartment building.

After Humphrey fails to convince his daughter not to marry the young Gilbey, he decides to employ a private investigator in order to dig up some dirt on the womanising gambler. But his sneaky shenanigans backfire when Gilbey turns the tables and discovers Proudfoot's first love, Emily (Irene Handl).

When Emily turns up at the same time as Gilbey's mistress Gloria, the two men suddenly find themselves on the same side as they struggle to keep their two women away from their wives in this classic comic farce.

Special features:
Comedy Notes booklet
Best of British trailers

First released: Monday 24th September 2007

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