Janey. Janey Godley. Credit: Hopscotch Films


  • 2024 film

Documentary feature following Scottish comedian Janey Godley on tour and discussing her tumultuous life. Also features Jimmy Carr, Nicola Sturgeon and Ashley Storrie.

  • New film - out now

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Janey review

She's dealt with criminal gangs, American Presidents, a cancer diagnosis, and 30 years on the comedy circuit. Now Janey Godley confronts the path she's forged in her new documentary, Janey.

Rebecca Crockett, Brig Newspaper, 14th March 2024

Janey review

Behind-the-scenes doc shows stand-up at her hilarious and heartfelt best.

Cath Clarke, The Guardian, 13th March 2024

Janey Godley looks back on her comedy career: 'I was outspoken and cheeky but I always delivered the goods'

Janey Godley has lived a life full of laughter and trauma. As a frank documentary featuring her ups and downs is released, we talk to the beloved comedian about starting out in stand-up and leaving behind a legacy.

Jay Richardson, The List, 11th March 2024

Janey review

Most stand-up documentaries are either cosy retrospectives, shot when their subject has long since passed their peak and moved on to legendary status. Or fresh but nakedly commercial tie-ins for the release of a special. But while Janey Godley's stand-up shows have always, to an extent, reworked her autobiographical anecdotes over decades, John ‚ÄčArcher's new film, following her on tour last year, elides any gap between past and present.

Jay Richardson, Chortle, 10th March 2024

Janey Godley: Knitting for Liam Neeson, unforgettable Dundee hangovers and living with terminal cancer

The Glasgwegian comedian's new film documents the "in between bit" of living with cancer which she says isn't seen on screen.

Rebecca Baird, The Dundee Courier, 9th March 2024

Janey Godley: "I've got a cold and cancer but I'm doing fine!"

Janey Godley is many things to many people. A Glaswegian, a mother, a wife, a comedian, the woman behind the "Trump is a c**t" sign, a mouthy barmaid (in real life and in an Oscar-nominated movie), and Nicola Sturgeon's cutting inner monologue, to name but a few.

Megan Merino, The National (Scotland), 8th March 2024

Janey Godley documentary: Cancer, being cancelled and why we need pals

When the time comes, Janey Godley has a clear idea of how she wants to spend eternity in the afterlife.

Teddy Jamieson, The Herald, 27th January 2024

Janey Godley documentary to close Glasgow Film Festival

A documentary about Janey Godley, her comedy and her cancer, is to close the Glasgow Film Festival, it has been announced.

Chortle, 24th January 2024

Janey Godley: Trolls say I'm faking cancer

For comedian Janey Godley no subject is out of bounds. Not her abuse as a child, her alcoholic parents or her family connections to gangsters. So when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2021, it didn't take her long to find the humour in an otherwise hopeless situation.

Pauline McLean, BBC, 24th January 2024

Janey Godley documentary Janey coming to cinemas and the BBC

Janey Godley is the subject of a feature-length documentary, Janey, coming soon to cinemas and the BBC, in which she reflects upon her terminal cancer, being "cancelled", her sexual abuse as a child and her mother's murder. The film features her in conversation with Jimmy Carr, Nicola Sturgeon and her daughter, Ashley Storrie.

British Comedy Guide, 12th January 2024

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