Cheep Laughs - Valentines Puns

Whatever your situation - single, seeing someone, or married - here's some romance related puns and cartoons from comedian Darren Walsh we think you'll like...

Who said that? - A blind date

I met a girl on a bus once. It went well.
I got off with her.

Went on date with a gym instructor.
Didn't work out.

Took a girl on a date to a coconut shy.
We hit it off straight away.

I asked an Anesthesiologist if she wanted to go for a drink and she said yes.

I went on a date up the Statue of Liberty, but on the way down we got completely lost and had a massive argument.
Must've got off on the wrong foot.

If you told me I had the power to make people fall in love by firing arrows at them, I wouldn't believe you.
I may be daft, but I'm not Cupid.

Took a girl on a date to the South Coast of India.
"Sri Lanka?".
"No we just cuddled"

I went Psychic Speed Dating the other day, but every woman I met was a grumpy Clairvoyant.
I thought, I've got to find a happy Medium somewhere...

I think I'm in love with a ladder, but I'm just taking it one step at a time.

Went on a date with a retractable pen.
We just clicked.

Coconut Shy
Currant Affair
Honey Moon
Teddy Buoy
Sometimes I wish I was single...
Forward Roll
Got lucky with the weather
Make Up Sex
Uncomfortabl Silencers

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