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Hi I'm Dan

Broadcast radio sketches:
Lewis Macleod's Wired News - The Comedy Unit for BBC Radio Scotland

Newsjack - BBC Radio 7 (2009-2011, Radio 4 Extra 2011-present) including 'Best of 2011' review show. Invited in to writers' room for series 5-8
Recorded For Training Purposes - Radio 4 (2010)
Grrr - Angel Eye Media for BBC Radio Scotland (2008)
Tilt - BBC7 (2008)
Play & Record - BBC7(November 2007)

Only An Excuse? - The Comedy Unit for BBC One (2013)
Material has been used in a television pilot sketch show produced by Breaking Bad Productions

Rough Cuts, an audio podcast from The Comedy Unit
The Football Special, a regular animated football comedy show
ACRE Therapy and MOT appeared in comedy sketch podcast 4amcab.

I have provided material for a number of stand-up comedians, and some corporate material.

Stage (Sketch):
I am part of the writing team for stage-based sketch show Teak Show's Twisted Sketches and helped put together the sketch show Sketchaholics. Material has been performed on-stage by Mssrs Comedy. I won the sketch competition run by Stephens & Brooks' comedy residency at the Ritzy Picturehouse in Brixton, in both October and November 2010, and this has led to me writing material for their 2011 Edinburgh Show. Sketches have been performed at Radio Rejects in London: Moon Landings, Sex, Drugs & Rock , Morally Bankrupt , Mafia Redundancies.
I have also had material performed at the long-running topical stage sketch show The Treason Show.
I have had material performed at CoFilmic's Sketch In The City sketch night (both 2012) and subsequently in the Sketch Competition at the CoFilmic Festival 2012.
Material shortlisted for stage sketch-shows The Works (November 2009) and Mssrs Comedy (August 2010)

Stage (Sitcom)
A 10-minute sitcom script, Departures, was performed on stage at 'Script Night: Harvest Festival' in Leeds in October 2008. I'm developing this into a 15-minute radio script.

A sitcom, Outgoings, was in the final 32 (from 500) selected sitcoms to progress in 'The Sitcom Mission 2010'. Another, 5-minute, Christmas-based episode of Outgoings was shortlisted in the Top 20 for Tin Can Podcast's '12 Plays Of Xmas' competition in 2010 before being selected for performance in the final of The Sitcom Trials 2011 in Manchester.

Another sitcom, Separate Parents, was voted second in The Sitcom Trials 2012 Halloween-themed competition and was considered for the Bristol Finals before being performed at the Manchester Finals. It was shortlisted for the performance stages of The Sitcom Trials 'So You Think You Write Funny' 2013, run in association with the Gilded Balloon.

Script Editing:
Script editor for European Podcast Award-nominated podcast Live From Kirrin Island, (Also broadcast on Brooklands Radio (2012-present) and reached the Top 20 of comedy podcasts on iTunes).
Script Editor for 'Damn The Torpedoes!' (BFBS radio, 2014)

I script edited Neil Tollfree's Alice & The Genie, winner of The Sci-Fi Sitcom Trials 2012 and also shortlisted for the performance stages of The Sitcom Trials 'So You Think You Write Funny' 2013 and also script-edited Vince Stadon's Checkpoint Dave, winner of 'The Sitcom Trials' Manchester 2011, that subsequently went on to have a theatre run.

I also provide a script editing service for writers who would like somebody to comment/assist with their script.

Other material:
I have sold original material to 118118's joke service and Jeremy Orbell has used gag material on his PleasuredomeFM show on Peterborough FM.

The Sam & Dave Show (Soundart Radio) have produced and broadcast one of my sketches on air. They also animated a sketch and used it at their live show at the Hull Comedy Festival 2009.

I had a sitcom optioned by Ebuco, a Belgian Production Company, who pitched it to French TV.

But most prestigiously of all, I won the British Comedy Guide's 'Sketch of the Year' 2008,as voted for by my peers even if it is, apparently, 'bollocks'. This is the sketch that The Sam & Dave Show recorded and subsequently animated above.

I wrote a 'humourous' blog about getting married for prestigious male-oriented wedding website, Staggered.com.

I also wrote an article taking issue with 'comedy snobbery' for Chortle.

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