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We are the most-visited website about comedy in the UK. Over 500,000 people log on to BCG each month to find out what is happening. We're ideally placed to promote your brand, product, show, event or service.

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What we offer

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising

Our Leaderboard (728x90) and MPU (300x250) slots - optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile - will make sure your advert is seen by your target audience. Billboards (970x250) and geo-targeting are also available.

Social Media

Social media

We can arrange direct mentions on our Twitter and Facebook accounts; reaching up to 80,000 comedy fans directly, and many hundreds of thousands more through sharing.

Newsletter adverts

Newsletter adverts

Our main newsletter is sent to 20,000+ every Monday. A separate Shop newsletter is sent every other Thursday. The prominent advert slot in these emails ensure high visibility to subscribers.

Feature content

Feature content

We can produce high-impact editorial content to link in with your campaign in any of a number of formats. Popular options include interviews and preview articles.

User engagement

User engagement

We can facilitate other highly-engaging promotional activity too: competitions, interactive features, seeding comedy videos, and more besides.

Site takeover

Site takeover

Our highest impact advertising option. A full, site-wide advertising wrapper to go around our pages, linking to an internal or external page of your choice.

Site takeover


We have sponsorship opportunities available for interested brands, both site-wide and for specific sections (e.g. our Awards and Edinburgh Festival coverage).

Other activity

Other activity

Can you think of something else that would work well in your campaign? We're happy to discuss all suggestions and possibilities.

Previous clients

You can trust us with your campaign. As well as working with many individual comedians and promoters, British Comedy Guide has delivered advertising campaigns for a number of well-known brands, agencies, venues and events, including:

Brands we have worked with


We can work with any budget and match any requirements, but many clients opt for one of our pre-built packages.

Package 1


  • Banner advertising

Package 2


  • Banner advertising
  • Social media promotion ( )

Package 3


  • Banner advertising
  • Social media promotion ( )
  • Advert in weekly newsletter

Package 4


  • Banner advertising
  • Social media promotion ( )
  • Advert in weekly newsletter
  • Feature article (also shared via )

Custom Package


We can create a custom package to suit your budget and deliver the aims of your campaign.

As well as offering any mix or volume of standard package elements, we can add on elements such as additional social media coverage, geo-targeted Billboard banners, competitions, videos, interactive features, a site takeover and more.

Please contact us to discuss your campaign objectives, requirements and budget.

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Want to find out more? We'd love to hear from you. With a flexible price and packaging structure, we're sure we can pitch a campaign to suit your individual needs.