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Frame 43 - I Paid A Pound. Did you ever think that there might come a time when Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker was pay-to-view/listen? Well it still isn't, but if you enjoy any of the Mes free podcast work then you now have the opportunity to make a donation either as a one-off or a monthly thing (in return for a badge) at But none of the Mes are in this for the money. They're in this for the ultimate prize of being the best Me at playing snooker or refereeing snooker or commentating on snooker. Apart from Commentator 2 who doesn't care. Anyway all the Mes are more tired and ill than they realised so this is a quick and low energy frame. I'd say it wasn't worth listening to, but then how would that distinguish it from the rest of the oeuvre?

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Date: 8th February   Length: 24 mins   Size: 22.47mb

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