Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast

Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast

Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast 2012. 2012 #02: Peacock & Gamble and Catie Wilkins

2012 #2: This Year's Lost Podcast - Peacock and Gamble, Naughty Keith and Catie Wilkins - A double podcast disaster as the through the desk recording of the podcast goes haywire and the back up on the phone also goes wrong after 16 mins. We're left with a post car crash attempt to splice the two together (unless someone from the audience comes forward with a bootleg) - the first 16 mins are fine (you'll even hear a bit of the dressing room banter at the start) but then it goes into full, probably unlistenable Dalek mode, where only the brave and foolhardy will want to progress. You will get to hear about the changes at the TEMPT NG TATTIE and the strange audience arrangement were one man sits in the light in the front row whilst others skulk in the darkness and about the love across the generations between Margaret and Harry, but then you will need an ear of strength to hear anything else. Which is a shame as you'll miss Naughty Keith and his thoughts on Stewart Lee and a brilliant set from Catie Wilkins (who we will have on another day) and lots more inappropriate fun. Maybe you'll persist. Good luck. From now on the Tascam will be utilised as a back-up so this shouldn't be a problem. This is why you must come to the live shows if you can.

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