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Series 1 (2012)

1. Episode One

First Broadcast: Tue 6th November 2012

After hearing some upsetting news from her dad, Viva decides to leave home and live with her friends. Elsewhere on the estate, Amber is finding it very hard to dump her boyfriend, despite plenty of varied advice from Viva, Saz and Holli.

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2. Episode Two

First Broadcast: Tue 13th November 2012

Amber's new boyfriend Ryan seems to have a mysterious secret, which the girls are determined to discover. Meanwhile, Holli's attempt to give her little brother a wonderful birthday present goes horribly wrong.

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3. Episode Three

First Broadcast: Tue 20th November 2012

Viva invites her friends to help babysit, but then struggles to keep control of the situation. Saz is very upset about some bitchy girls, Amber is very jealous of her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend and Holli is just worried there won't be enough to drink.

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4. Episode Four

First Broadcast: Tue 27th November 2012

Holli throws down a rash challenge to the boys' football team, whilst Viva feels torn over her feelings for bad boy Rocky. Amber has found a lunchtime pizza club - with a twist. Saz boasts about a new boyfriend, who may or may not actually exist.

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5. Episode Five

First Broadcast: Tue 4th December 2012

Amber struggles to cope with her feelings for her ex-boyfriend Brandon, especially now that he's going to be a daddy. Viva is asked to manage an anti-bullying presentation at school - and to look after bullying victim, Ruby. Saz and Ruby do not get on.

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6. Episode Six

First Broadcast: Tue 11th December 2012

Saz is determined to lose her virginity and sets about finding the ideal boy and the ideal location with the help of her friends. It becomes apparent that not everyone has been telling the truth about their sex life.

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