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The Shuttleworths

Radio ComedyThe Shuttleworths

Musings from John Shuttleworth as we eavesdrop on the semi-detached world of the Sheffield based singer and songwriter.

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Radio ComedyShuttle Diplomacy

BBC Radio 1

Radio ComedyShuttleworth's Showtime

John Shuttleworth presents a Radio 1 comedy show mixing sketches with records.

It's Nice Up North With John Shuttleworth

TV ComedyIt's Nice Up North With John Shuttleworth

Spoof documentary presented by John Shuttleworth, investigating whether the notion that the further north you go, the friendlier the people, is true.

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John Shuttleworth In Southern Softies

TV ComedyJohn Shuttleworth In Southern Softies

Spoof documentary fronted by John Shuttleworth, in a follow-up to It's Nice Up North.

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