No Signal. Image credit: You, Me And Him.

No Signal

Sketch show satirising the world of multichannel television, from digital channel FX

Sketch Show
2009  (FOX)
10 (1 series)
Paul Bigley, Suanne Braun, Andrew Brooke, Ian Burfield, Ron Cryer, Peter Dickson, Stephen Evans, Joel Fry, Robert Gillespie, Christopher Greet, Mike Hayley & more
Pete Cain, Louis Bogue
You, Me And Him

This satirical sketch show, the first commission by digital channel FX, parodies the world of multichannel television, with spoofs of everything from 24 hour rolling news to teleshopping, documentaries and children's shows.

Our Review: Despite some good writing in places, this sketch show largely fell flat. It may have made a better impact had the concept of multi-channel TV spoofing not been executed so well just 7 months earlier in The Kevin Bishop Show], but despite some excellent observations on the trends of late-2000s television, there was no real 'spark' to the series. There were some good laughs to be found, but they were really too few and far between.

In summary: Brilliantly observed, well-written, just not all that funny.