Never Better. Keith Merchant (Stephen Mangan). Image credit: World Productions.

Never Better

A dark comedy from the writer of 'Party Animals' about a recovering alchoholic and his troubles with society

2008  (BBC Two)
6 (1 series)
Stephen Mangan, Kate Ashfield, Christopher Fairbank, Tom Goodman-Hill, Michelle Austin, Mya O'Connor, Charlie George
Fintan Ryan
World Productions

Keith is a recovering alcoholic in his mid-thirties, struggling to get things right as he makes his way through his new life being sober.

He attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings but they don't seem to help as he often turns them into a farce by revealing very embarrassing situations he gets into.

Whilst he attempts to be a good husband and father, his optimism for his family and attempts to do the right thing tend to lead to even more problems.

Our Review: This fairly slow placed sitcom wasn't laugh-a-minute stuff, but there's was some enjoyment to be had from it. Watching Keith get himself into awkward social situations was amusing (like spilling coffee on a corpse). But in the end the problem at the heart of this comedy - like many others - was that, as an audience, we didn't end up feeling particularly sorry for Keith.