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Never Better

BBC Two sitcom a recovering alcoholic. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2008. Stars Stephen Mangan, Kate Ashfield, Christopher Fairbank, Tom Goodman-Hill and others.

Series 1

1. Bully

First broadcast: Thursday 10th January 2008

Keith has an angry encounter with a parent in a 4x4 when he drops his son Tom off at school. As Keith rages at the other driver from his humiliatingly clapped-out car, Tom tries - in vain - to tell him that the boy in the vehicle is the class bully. Hours later, and still fuming about the encounter, Keith infuriates Anita by buying a 4x4 from fellow AA member Shaun, whose job could depend on the sale.

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2. Life and Soul

First broadcast: Thursday 17th January 2008

One of the biggest challenges Keith faces in his new life with no alcohol is socialising without a drink. So his friend Richard suggests sending some smutty text messages to remind himself he's still "one of the lads". Unfortunately, Keith accidentally sends an obscene comment intended for Anita to the one person at his AA meetings that he is trying to befriend.

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3. God

First broadcast: Thursday 24th January 2008

When Keith is invited to watch Anita's nephew perform in a concert, he tries to wriggle out of it, paranoid that the boy - who has Down's syndrome - has a crush on him. At AA, fellow member Marianne mistakenly imagines Keith fancies her. So when her beloved cat is diagnosed with cancer and Keith tries to help, a drunken Marianne thinks he's making a pass at her and begins to strip off.

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4. Good Samaritan

First broadcast: Thursday 31st January 2008

Anita and Keith host a surprise birthday party for Anita's dad. They've got him a state-of-the-art plasma TV, and when Keith and Rob, Anita's brother, start throwing a ball around indoors, disaster is inevitable. At AA, Keith has found a new ally, Carl, in his running battle with group leader Doug. When Carl hears about the broken TV, he offers to get Keith a deal on a new one - cash upfront, obviously...

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5. First Week Euphoria

First broadcast: Thursday 7th February 2008

Keith antagonises his fellow AA members by deliberately yawning during Arturo's testimony. Marianne is irritated and the incident prompts Linda to remind Keith that he still hasn't opened up to the group himself. But when Keith admits he only comes along because he wants to get away from his family, the meeting descends into chaos. Meanwhile, Keith yet again lets Tom down by missing his football match.

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6. Dad

First broadcast: Thursday 14th February 2008

Keith and his father don't get on, so Anita is far from hopeful when the warring pair take the children kite flying in the park. Despite her warnings to stay calm, Keith has hardly got through the park gates before he's picking holes in a story his dad is telling. At his AA meetings, things are going from bad to worse, with Keith's recollections of drunken antics on the night bus causing great offence.

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