The Mary Whitehouse Experience. Image shows from L to R: Hugh Dennis, David Baddiel, Steve Punt, Robert Newman. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

The Mary Whitehouse Experience

Topical TV comedy show based on the radio series of the same name. Starred double acts Punt & Dennis and Newman & Baddiel

Sketch Show
1990 - 1992  (BBC Two)
13 (pilot + 2 series)
David Baddiel, Rob Newman, Hugh Dennis, Steve Punt, Melanie Hudson
David Baddiel, Rob Newman, Hugh Dennis, Steve Punt, Bill Dare
British Broadcasting Corporation

The Mary Whitehouse Experience was a topical comedy show starring David Baddiel, Robert Newman, Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt. It began on radio in 1988, before transitioning to television in 1990. The show mixed stand-up comedy monologues with sketches and impressions.

The most famous sketch from the show is History Today. Newman & Baddiel play two old historians, who discuss an important historical issue in a very childish fashion.

Our Review: The Mary Whitehouse Experience is quite frankly a brilliant comedy programme. Even today, from the biting opening theme, to the sketches themselves, this show feels on the cutting edge. One of the best comedy programmes of the 1990s, and one that launched the careers of four very talented comedians.