The Mary Whitehouse Experience. Image shows from L to R: Hugh Dennis, David Baddiel, Steve Punt, Rob Newman. Copyright: BBC
The Mary Whitehouse Experience

The Mary Whitehouse Experience

  • TV sketch show
  • BBC Two
  • 1990 - 1992
  • 13 episodes (2 series)

Topical TV comedy show based on the radio series of the same name. Starred double acts Punt & Dennis and Newman & Baddiel. Stars David Baddiel, Rob Newman, Hugh Dennis, Steve Punt and Melanie Hudson

Video clips

The Mary Whitehouse Experience - Ivan In The Greenhouse

Ivan is the overemotional presenter of Daytime Goodmorning Daytime. Behind his cheerful exterior beats the heart of a violent, emotional psychopath who goes to pieces at the slightest hint of bad news.
Here he is in possibly his best sketch, In The Greenhouse with, as ever, his old chum Colin Ditchmoore. Rob Newman is, as always, absolutely brilliant. One of the most understated comedians of our time.

The Mary Whitehouse Experience - Robert Smith Parody

Sketch from the 1992 series of The Mary Whitehouse Experience.

Rob Newman as Robert Smith singing 'The Laughing Policeman' (a very jolly song indeed) in The Cure's usual style (not very jolly at all), poking fun at the period when The Cure released 'happy' and 'poppy' songs. Brilliant!

The Mary Whitehouse Experience - USA World Cup

A vrilliant clip from the show, depicting how the Americans might broadcast the World Cup when goes to the States in 1994.

The Mary Whitehouse Experience - History Today

The Mary Whitehouse Experience. The only three History Today sketches from series 2.

The Mary Whitehouse Experience - The South Bank Show

On The South Bank Show tonight we're talking to the most neglected composer and lyricist of our time, Ralph. He is believed to be the greatest composer of football chants and playground songs in Britain.

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