James Corden's World Cup Live. James Corden. Image credit: Amigo Television.

James Corden's World Cup Live

James Corden presents his unique take on the World Cup along with some big name celebrity guests

2010  (ITV)
14 (1 series)
James Corden, Abigail Clancy
Kevin Day, Phil Kerr, Andy Milligan, Matt Morgan, Aiden Spackman
Amigo Television
& Fulwell 73 Productions

James Corden celebrates the colour and fun of the World Cup with Abbey Clancy, celebrity guests, a football hero, a studio full of fans, his friends and family and his very own human world cup wall chart.

James Corden's World Cup Live follows every FIFA World Cup 2010 evening match programme on ITV1.

The show also features exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in English football, as well as regular updates of what's really going on in the England camp.

Corden wants to create a month-long party through "an incredibly vibrant, energetic and atmospheric studio." As well as being a live studio show, James interacts with viewers at home. "This show isn't just for football fans; it's got something for everybody."

Our Review: The episodes so far have bit shouty and lacking any strong gags, but as a bit of post-match entertainment this show is no doubt keeping football fans entertained for an extra half-hour or so after the match.