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With her challenging first BBC drama about to air, the Him & Her star explains why success as an actor won't stop her from writing.

Written by Tom Lamont. The Observer, 7th September 2014

This criminally underwatched sitcom gets a suitably low-key conclusion.

The Custard TV, 24th December 2013

It's hard to believe it won't be back. I will miss Becky and Steve. But on the other hand I'm delighted I'll never have to spend time with Laura again.

Written by Bruce Dessau. Beyond the Joke, 23rd December 2013

Rolling in the aisles as the slackers are given the perfect send-off.

Written by Ellen E. Jones. The Independent, 20th December 2013

Some things really shouldn't make you laugh, but as monstrous bridezilla Laura careered around her diabolical reception like a nymphomaniac meringue in the climax of the cherishable Him & Her: The Wedding (BBC Three), I couldn't wait for her next mouthful of filth.

Written by Keith Watson. Metro, 20th December 2013

Much of this final run of Him & Her has been almost unwatchably excruciating. But tonight, with the wedding disco providing the banal backdrop, we get to the heart of the matter.

The wedding has essentially been a smokescreen. This series has really been about Steve and Becky being dragged out of their natural bedsit habitat and into the realm of other, less well-adjusted people. And, whether it's Dan and his peculiar sleepwalk through life, Paul and his anguished confusion or Laura and her bottomless well of outwardly projected self-loathing, all of these people test them to breaking point. Accordingly, this finale is animated by a horrible tension: it couldn't go wrong for the real happy couple, could it?

Well, we've been safe in writer Stefan Golaszewski's hands so far. So we can trust him to fashion something with heart, humour and the ring of truth here. An undersung comedy gem concludes; we hope we haven't seen the last of these two.

Phil Harrison, Time Out, 19th December 2013

Much of this last episode takes place in the toilet - as befits one of the grossest comedies ever to grace the small screen. It's also gloriously uncouth: the mangy neighbour glugs the dregs of drinks, the bride's father rubs up against one of the bridesmaids, the sozzled bride rubs up against anyone in trousers.

Russell Tovey perfects his neglected-puppy-dog pout as Steve, while Sarah Solemani's Becky dances a half-hearted conga. Can the wedding from hell possibly end happily ever after? Let's just say fans of this cult favourite may find they shed a tear at the end of this final series.

Claire Webb, Radio Times, 19th December 2013

So, a fond and final farewell to Becky and Steve, Laura and Paul, Shelly and Dan, the trio of very different couples at the heart of Stefan Golaszewski's sharply comic take on modern romance. The honeymoon night is looming but before that there are grudges to be satisfied, wild oats to be sown and secrets to be spilled. Will anyone get out of that wedding reception with the sniff of a happy ending? Keep your hankies handy.

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 19th December 2013

The final episode of this slow-burning feast of awkwardness sums up that tricky moment in every wedding when the dad's getting inappropriate on the dancefloor and the bride's so drunk she's demanding sexual favours from her sister's boyfriend. Paul is trying to dump Graham and hold his new marriage together, while Becky's at the mercy of her ex-boyfriend, with a conga preventing her from telling Steve that she's pregnant. But the moment when she does is touching in a distinctly Him & Her way. Just lovely.

Hannah Verdier, The Guardian, 19th December 2013

Oh, you again, Sarah Solemani! If it feels like the actress is everywhere at the moment, it's because she is! The good news for the crazy few that haven't bought into her cute charm is that soon she'll be on one less show, as Him & Her airs its final ever episode this week.

For the rest of us, this is a time to mourn the loss of a great, yet grotty comedy that found strength in its simplicity, not to mention the brilliant pairing of Solemani and Russell Tovey as lazy lovers Becky and Steve. Him & Her resists the temptation to go big for its grand finale, with most of the action taking place in a cramped toilet as Paul and Laura's nightmarish wedding rumbles on. Claustrophobic and cringe-worthy, just how we like it, it's a lovely exit for this BBC Three gem.

Daniel Sperling, Digital Spy, 15th December 2013

As BBC Three's popular sitcom comes to an end, its lead actor reflects on four series of eating chips in bed.

Written by Sarah Solemani. Metro, 13th December 2013

If there's a more excruciating half hour of comedy on offer this year than last night's Him & Her: The Wedding, then please don't make me watch it. I don't think my nerves would stand it.

Writer Stefan Golaszewski unerringly distilled every cringe-making wedding speech you've ever heard as the top table at Laura and Paul's ill-fated nuptials heaved under the weight of seething resentments, frustrated passions and desperate doubles entendres. It was a car crash you had to watch through your fingers - all the while suppressing a snigger.

Because, though the humour is black as treacle, there are laughs to be mined from this delicious dissection of love turned sour. There was best man Steve, dying a thousand deaths as the room turned against him, bridegroom Paul, fondly recalling how his forbidden lover knew every contour of his body, and bride Laura, a woman intent on carnal revenge with anyone.

Till death do they part might come sooner than we think.

Keith Watson, Metro, 13th December 2013

The wedding from hell continues with the speeches: always ripe fodder for comedy and writer Stefan Golaszewski doesn't disappoint. Like many of the guests, you don't know whether to laugh or grimace at the father-of-the-bride's weak jokes and unwitting double entendres.

It's poor Steve (the superlative Russell Tovey snuffling like a puppy dog that's been kicked) who suffers the most. His off-the-internet best man's speech goes down like a lead balloon, to the delight of Becky's suave ex-boyfriend. As for the obnoxious bride, she's still reeling from last week's distressing revelation and gulps down wine like there's no tomorrow.

Claire Webb, Radio Times, 12th December 2013

Poor old Steve. As he battles on through his best man's speech, you can almost touch the tumbleweed. He's been hung out to dry by bridegroom Paul's indiscretions and Becky's ex Lee (Nick Blood, so creepily smooth if makes your flesh crawl) undermining him at every turn. He wants the ground to open up and swallow him - and he's not the only one. Russell Tovey stars in the terrific comedy that's an unholy marriage of Carry On and Beckett.

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 12th December 2013

The ceremony's over and now it's speeches o'clock, which is where the real-time glory of Laura and Paul's wedding truly comes into its own. Laura's dad waxes lyrical about her exes of "all shapes and sizes, all colours of the rainbow", and Paul's delivery of his speech about love is particularly uncomfortable when he catches the eye of the real object of his affection. But it's best man Steve who digs the deepest hole with his inappropriate jokes about the stag night. Lo-fi hilarity all round.

Hannah Verdier, The Guardian, 12th December 2013

The deliciously odious bride prances down the aisle for a ceremony as excruciating as it is funny. She preens on a throne guzzling chocolates, the groom slumps beside her texting his lover and poor old Becky must perform a surprise reading. Sarah Solemani and Russell Tovey are as brilliantly understated as ever as reluctant bridesmaid and best man who spend much of this episode shooting each other rueful looks across the marquee. Yet tonight they're upstaged by Kerry Howard, who plays the bridezilla to perfection. By the end you almost - almost - feel sorry for her.

Claire Webb, Radio Times, 5th December 2013

What would any bride do if she discovered a deal-breaking secret about her bridegroom just before they were about to exchange vows? If you're the borderline psycho Laura (Kerry Howard), you... well, that would be telling. In another terrific slice of cringe-making black comedy starring Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani, the wedding from hell takes yet more twists and turns, with bridesmaid Becky's big secret putting her under her sister's thumb with horribly embarrassing consequences.

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 5th December 2013

Life outside the bedsit becomes ever more dangerous at ceremony time for Paul, who's desperately trying to text his way out of it as his bullying bride-to-be Laura giggles nervously. Her determination to hurry things along after scrolling through the incriminating contents of his phone is beautifully played, as is his reluctance to call the wedding off. Steve and Becky are as lovely as ever, with the tender glances between them saying so much more than words could. It's such a shame it's nearly over as Him & Her is on fire.

Hannah Verdier, The Guardian, 5th December 2013

No doubt there are purists out there who are dismayed to see that loved-up slackers Becky and Steve have been released from the captivity of their bedsit and allowed out into the wild.

Certainly, we've never seen them looking quite this clean before.

And after three series in which almost nothing happened, creator Stefan ­Golaszewski has gone to the other extreme, by bringing us a single day that is so eventful it takes up the whole series.

But the comedy, Becky and Steve's relationship and the chemistry between actors Sarah ­Solemani and Russell Tovey are all more than strong enough to thrive in this unfamiliar atmosphere.

And that's even if in tonight's second episode the couple are physically separated for minutes at a time (let's not forget that we're talking about a man who, when he proposed, admitted that he missed Becky when she went to the toilet).

The momentous occasion that has lured them outside is the wedding of Becky's toxic sister Laura.

And while Steve is on best man duties back at the hotel, Becky is in the back of a limo watching the bride pick fights with pedestrians through the sunroof.

How Becky has got this far in life without shoving Laura's head down numerous toilets goes to show what a wonderful person she must be.

Meanwhile Paul, the terrified groom, is desperately trying to avoid becoming Becky's brother-in-law.

And all he needs Steve to do is fake a heart attack.

Can't see a problem with that.

Jane Simon, The Daily Mirror, 28th November 2013

Him & Her is by the far the best sitcom to have ever landed up on BBC Three, and surely the only one with roots in Harold Pinter. The swansong series, Him & Her: the Wedding, in which Laura and Paul's nuptials unfold over four episodes, is, as it should be, dominated by the bride with Kerry Howard's performance as invincibly monstrous Laura surely heading for a comedy award.

Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani are taking more of a back seat in this series. Becky quite literally as the long-suffering bridesmaids joined Laura for a limo ride from hell.

And if one sequence demonstrated the assurance of Stefan Golaszewski's comedy, it was the one where Laura had her head out of the limo sunroof, abusing passers-by and being ignored by the bridesmaids as they enjoyed a respite from her tyranny by sending text messages.

"Observational comedy" is an over-used term, but this was the real McCoy.

Gerard Gilbert, The Independent, 28th November 2013

'Have a cool one', advises Steve (Russell Tovey) breezily as the guests for Paul and Laura's wedding arrive. Just the sort of lame remark that Becky (Sarah Solemani) can't let lie, and also a warning that what follows will be anything but 'cool'.

While Becky, realising too late that chief bridesmaid equals dogsbody, is trapped in a limo with the exquisitely awful Laura (a magnificent Kerry Howard), Steve is firefighting desperately as Paul's doubts multiply. And then there's Becky's ex, Lee, charming everybody while needling the best man.

With this final series, H&H is staking a claim to be the best sitcom BBC Three has ever produced - no mean feat in the wake of Gavin & Stacey, Nighty Night and Pulling. It captures all the social awkwardness and personality clashes of a wedding with none of the actual happiness - so acute and so excruciating that you can't watch, but you can't switch off either.

Phil Harrison, Time Out, 28th November 2013

We've rarely seen her out of T-shirts, vests and knickers but now Becky (Sarah Solemani) is strapped into a gaudy blue bridesmaid's dress and gritting her teeth for all they're worth as sister Laura's wedding turns out to be even more of a nightmare than she'd imagined it would be. Knots will be tied in Stefan Golaszewski's sharply observed black comedy but they're more likely to be round the bride's neck than anywhere else...

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 28th November 2013

The cult comedy starring Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani is back. Claire Webb explains why you'd be a fool to miss out on the fourth and final series...

Written by Claire Webb. Radio Times, 22nd November 2013

You don't need social realism to make a comedy hit home. But it's the nightmarish moments of shared recognition that have made Stefan Golaszewski's anti-romance Him & Her feel so near the funny bone.

Written by Keith Watson. Metro, 22nd November 2013

Slobby, smelly Steve and Becky are still the nicest couple in the world.

Written by Sam Wollaston. The Guardian, 22nd November 2013

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