Genius With Dave Gorman. Dave Gorman. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Genius With Dave Gorman

A TV version of Dave Gorman's radio series, in which he and celebrity guests decide which of the public's ideas are "Genius"

Panel Show
2009 - 2010  (BBC Two)
13 (pilot + 2 series)
Dave Gorman
Ali Crockatt, David Scott
British Broadcasting Corporation

A TV version of the panel show in which Dave Gorman and celebrity guests take a range of ideas from the public, in the hope they will find something they can class as 'Genius'.

Series 1 featured one-guest an episode, Series 2 uses double the number of guests. Ideas include sat-nav shoes, standardised Chinese takeaway menus and "best before" dates on clothes.

If you think you have a genius idea, you can email it to or send it in to the Genius website.

Our Review: This show worked quite well on the radio, but whether it has successfully transfered to the more demanding TV medium is still up for debate.

It was great to see some of the strange inventions from the radio show on screen in Series 1, but some fans of the original were annoyed at re-visiting some of the old ideas (with, in some cases, the ideas re-classified from genius to not-genius, and visa versa!). In this first series the debate over some ideas was allowed to drag on a bit too long at times too, plus the show clearly didn't make enough use of the new visual medium it found itself.

Thankfully it looks like the producers took the feedback on-board as the latest series was re-engineered to make it a bit more lively. There's now two guests in each episode and more ideas per episode too (everyone in the audience now has a chance to pitch ideas, rather than pre-selected guests turning up and presenting from a podium).

Speaking at the launch of the second series, Dave Gorman said: "I'm obviously delighted that Genius is back for more. In times like this we should remember that ideas - clever ideas, hair brained schemes and the downright daft - are perhaps this country's greatest natural resource. I'm looking forward to celebrating more of this nation's most eccentric thinkers soon."