Game On. Image shows from L to R: Martin Henson (Matthew Cottle), Mandy Wilkins (Samantha Janus), Matthew Malone (Neil Stuke). Image credit: Hat Trick Productions.

Game On

Flat-share sitcom about the lives of three twenty-somethings whose lives aren't getting any better

1995 - 1998  (BBC Two)
18 (3 series)
Samantha Janus, Matthew Cottle, Neil Stuke, Ben Chaplin, Tracy Keating
Bernadette Davis, Andrew Davies
Hat Trick Productions

Matthew, Martin and Mandy are childhood friends from Herne Bay who are now sharing a flat in Battersea, London.

After his parents are killed in a road accident, Matthew develops agoraphobia. Fearful of leaving the flat, he is forever finding bizarre ways to pass the time of day.
Martin's life isn't much better: he has a boring job at a bank and can't seem to get a girlfriend.
Attracting the opposite sex isn't a problem for Mandy, but holding down a job is as she finds herself going from one temp job to another.

Our Review: Game On managed to quickly build up a strong fan base, but finished after just three series as the writers didn't want to work on a fourth.

Whilst it seems to have built up a bit of a following since its demise, this sitcom wasn't everybody's cup of tea when in production - it featured controversial dialogue, predictable one-liners and some would say shallow character development.