Roy Clarke.

Comedy Connections

A series of comedy documentaries, examining one hit comedy show per episode, with cast and crew interviews providing additional background info

2003 - 2008  (BBC Two / BBC One)
47 (6 series)
Andrew Nickolds, Lucy Bacon
British Broadcasting Corporation

Series charting the history of some of our best comedy shows, and finding out what the teams who made them have gone on to do.

Includes stories of the shows' production, birth, death, and legacy, through obscure information and trivia, as well as interviews with cast, crew, and other key people in each subject programme's development.

Our Review: Whilst we do wonder about the merit of some of the subject programmes, Comedy Connections is a truly excellent series. Offering unique insight into some of Britain's most popular comedy shows, it is a must-watch for any self-respecting fan of British television comedy.