Chris Moyles Quiz Night. Chris Moyles. Image credit: Magnum Media.

Chris Moyles Quiz Night

Comedy quiz show hosted by Chris Moyles, with a selection of celebrity contestants

Chris Moyles Christmas Quiz Night
Chat Show
2009 - 2012  (Channel 4)
39 (5 series)
Chris Moyles, Ozzy Osbourne, Peter Crouch, David Tennant, Rio Ferdinand, David Hasselhoff, Stephen Fry, Britney Spears, Paul O'Grady, Jeremy Clarkson
Michael Livingstone
Magnum Media

Chris Moyles Quiz Night is a weekly topical entertainment show in which Chris and three celebrity guests compete in a quiz about the week's events.

Each celebrity comes on the show for a chat with Chris and then plays a round of the quiz. It's competitive as Chris has donated a prize for the winner, which he'll desperately want to keep. The loser has to sing out the show with the all-female house band.