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Cardinal Burns are a multi award-winning sketch and character duo consisting of Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns.

Written by Sara Shulman. Comedy Blogedy, 19th April 2014

Cardinal Burns reveal their sketch comedy secrets.

Written by Julian Hall. Chortle, 8th April 2014

Cardinal Burns have announced details of their first UK tour. The duo behind the E4 sketch show of the same name - Seb Cardina and Dustin Demri-Burns - will play 30 dates from September 8, kicking off at London's Soho Theatre.

Written by Tom Eames. Digital Spy, 7th April 2014

Sketch comedy is in safe hands with duo. They tell Holly Williams about graduating to the TV mainstream.

Written by Holly Williams. The Daily Telegraph, 4th April 2014

Our favourite sketch 'lads' chat about the horrors of getting naked and the joys of getting Ofcom complaints about it.

Written by Andrew Mickel. Such Small Portions, 2nd July 2012

Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns are two halves of Cardinal Burns. Prior to their screen debut on E4 last year, the pair toured Cardinal Burns as a live show and they're bring it back this summer for spots at Latitude Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe. Since everyone at Giggle Beats HQ was so impressed with the show, we sent James Harle to talk to the duo about the success of Cardinal Burns, their inspiration and their motivation. Enjoy.

Written by James Harle. Giggle Beats, 28th June 2012

Hot on the heels of Watson & Oliver, the latest comedy duo to get their self-titled sketch show on the screen are Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns. Known collectively as Cardinal Burns, the pair's first series aired this spring on E4, and the DVD is on sale now.

Written by Mayer Nissim. Digital Spy, 25th June 2012

Last in the series for this frequently brilliant sketch show. Tonight, street poet Switch laments his friends all going to university, the Young Dreams girls are going to celebrate their friendship at Honky Tonks nightclub and new guy flirts his way out of the office for the last time. Plus, in the sketch of the series, two cafe managers take a job interview roleplay too far. There's no question their clever brains should get a second series. And on Channel 4 this time.

Julia Raeside, The Guardian, 11th June 2012

I'm not really sure about Cardinal Burns, E4's new sketch show, but I think it's a good sign that it had turned me from bemusement to gentle chuckling in the course of a single episode. And, thinking about it further, bemusement isn't the worst state a comedy show can leave you in. Belly laughs are fine, but there's something about a sketch that leaves you wondering exactly why you're smiling, particularly when they're as well performed as this.

Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent, 16th May 2012

The second episode of sketch duo Cardinal Burns' E4 series is just as good as the first: odd, awkward, stylishly shot and frequently hysterical. This week, 'Real Banksy' tries to get his stepson excited about street art, Rachel and her friends visit the countryside in a well-observed spoof of Made in Chelsea and spoken-word poet Switch rhymes about being denied access to his parents' house while they're on holiday. Many sketches focus on the often-bizarre characters and monotonous conversations of the working day - including a sleazy office flirt and a colleague who laughs at absolutely anything - and Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns's subtle performances give the characters an absurd believability. Finally, a modern TV sketch show that's actually funny.

Ben Williams, Time Out, 15th May 2012

Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns's sketch show already seems gentler and perhaps funnier after the first week's crude attempts at attention grabbing. This time we get a great take on a scripted reality show, and an urban poet who rhymes about the most mundane problems. The latter sits well with their (intentionally) boring, suburban take on Banksy, who is "up at silly o'clock" to do one of his street paintings. Other welcome returnees include the office flirt whose routine is thrown by the arrival of a new receptionist.

Phelim O'Neill, The Guardian, 14th May 2012

This week a new sketch was launched on E4. This isn't usually something to be hopeful about, but Cardinal Burns certainly seems to have potential.

Written by Ian Wolf. Giggle Beats, 14th May 2012

Tell me if you find this funny: murder squad detectives make a grisly find and can't stop vomiting: on the corpse, everywhere. The crime scene is a mess and still one of them says: "We'll need blood and hair samples." Then his buddy says: "Breakfast?" I didn't find it funny, not during the first of the new sketch show Cardinal Burns, but now I'm less inclined to call for the return of Horne & Corden which, let's face it, would have been disastrous. There was one genius skit: radical street-artist Banksy as a suburban drongo who buys his spray-paint from Homebase and gets stuck on tiny ladders. But the funniest sketch show on the box isn't a show at all: it's those insurance ads featuring the many faces of Paul Whitehouse.

Aidan Smith, The Scotsman, 13th May 2012

Cardinal Burns is off to a good start with such characters as a surprisingly successful office flirt and a spoken-word poet who's less street than mews; as well as the outstanding revelation that Banksy is in fact a dull bloke who lives in Hadley Wood, gets his supplies from Homebase, and replaced the petrol bomb in his "Flower Power" protester graffiti with a bouquet "more to amuse myself than anything".

There were some duff notes, but far more hits than misses. It's sharply written, nicely paced, it feels fresh and it made me snort - and that's more than can be said for Episodes.

Robert Epstein, The Independent on Sunday, 13th May 2012

Not much to say about E4's new 'if you can't be funny just be gross instead' sketch show Cardinal Burns. But the truth is, half an hour of Chinese burns from an angry gorilla would've been less painful.

Ian Hyland, The Daily Mail, 12th May 2012

If subsequent weeks keep this level of quality, are they destined to nab the British Comedy Award from Horrible Histories next year?

Written by Dan Owen. Dan's Media Digest, 9th May 2012

Perhaps I have become a little jaundiced towards sketch comedy in general, but I sat stone-faced through huge swathes of E4's latest offering. Writer/stars Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns have a fine eye for character detail, and are both strong performers, but when they do come up with an authentically funny idea they can't let go of it.

The vomiting homicide officers, the improvised audition and the French stunt fly sketches all had their respective charms but went on for far too long.

Other sections were cleverly filmed but failed to deliver any satisfactory laughs, most notably the zombie chase opener. Top marks for the stylish and atmospheric movie pastiche, but the build up simply served to make a disappointing punchline look all the more feeble.

On reflection, Cardinal Burns showed more than enough potential to merit revisiting, although I have a horrible feeling they might follow the popular sketch show trend of introducing all their best ideas in episode one and then regurgitating them throughout the rest of the series. Come on boys, prove me wrong.

Harry Venning, The Stage, 9th May 2012

Sketch duo make a very strong debut with their parodies with a dark twist.

Written by Veronica Lee. The Arts Desk, 9th May 2012

Bar a few gratuitous bestiality gags Cardinal Burns was a strong debut, breathing laughter into the corpse that is modern British comedy.

Written by Keith Watson. Metro, 9th May 2012

After a disappointing start, Cardinal Burns hits its stride.

Written by George Wilkinson. On the Box, 9th May 2012

Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns have already won critical acclaim for their Edinburgh Fringe shows and sold out their recent run in London - no surprise the pair's sketch show debut comes with high expectations. The pair excel at taking well-worn situations (office romance, undead invasions) and taking them to their absurd conclusions. The best sketches are the most believable: reimagining Banksy as a middle-aged surbuban house husband is a stroke of comic genius.

Oliver Franklin, GQ Magazine, 8th May 2012

Critically acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe act Cardinal Burns make their small screen debut tonight. Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns talk Steve Coogan, vomit and more...

Written by Claire Webb. The Radio Times, 8th May 2012

The production of Cardinal Burns is entirely original for a sketch show, and visually it looks exceptionally stylish and polished.

Written by George Zielinski. The Comedy Journal, 8th May 2012

Those man-eating zombies might be puerile but they're dead funny.

Written by Sam Wollaston. The Guardian, 8th May 2012

Live comedy favourites Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns kick off their sketch-show series with skits veering from puerile to awkward to totally random. They introduce and weave a range of recurring characters throughout this half hour - the trustafarian beat poet, the smug office flirt, the real Banksy - but their best work lies in the standalone segments. In particular the desperate jobbing actor willing to be sexually violated by an imaginary hawk, and the up-chucking police detectives who should come with a disclaimer: do not watch while ingesting. The gags sag in the latter half, with unfortunate stereotyping sinking a reality-show spoof, but this is frequently laugh-out-loud funny.

Kim Taylor Bennett, Time Out, 8th May 2012

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