Lapland    Series 1   

Series 1 (2013)

1. Missing

First Broadcast: Mon 4th February 2013

Chaos descends on the Lewis family as it appears that Eileen has gone missing and isn't answering her mobile phone, prompting daughter Paula to have a meltdown and drag the rest of the family into a search to find her.

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2. Homeless

First Broadcast: Mon 11th February 2013

Eileen and Paula are accosted by a homeless lad at the local shops. Eileen is horrified that there are people down on their luck in her local area and soon starts extending her hospitality.

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3. Ay Carumba

First Broadcast: Mon 18th February 2013

Encouraged by a friend, Eileen decides to join a group of local widows for emotional support, but their obsession with who's dead, who's dying and who might possibly die in the near future only depresses her.

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4. Monopoly

First Broadcast: Mon 25th February 2013

Eileen comes across an old 'Teach Yourself Spanish' tape and decides that, in keeping with her new philosophy on life, it's never too late to try something new.

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5. DIY

First Broadcast: Mon 4th March 2013

Pete discovers Eileen's shower is broken and decides to step into his father's shoes and get it sorted.

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6. Birthday

First Broadcast: Mon 11th March 2013

Paula and Ray have spent weeks preparing for Liam's pirate-themed birthday, but all is ruined when Paula drills through a water pipe while hanging up a porthole. They decamp to Eileen's house but things run far from smoothly.

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Lapland    Series 1