So Wrong It's Right

Charlie Brooker presents a panel game for Radio 4 that celebrates Britain's favourite subject - failure

Panel Show
2010 - 2012  (BBC Radio 4)
17 (3 series)
Charlie Brooker

Charlie Brooker hosts the comedy panel show that celebrates failure. It's a game of competitive ineptitude, the aim of which is to come up with the "most wrong" answer to each question.

What's the worst thing you've ever done at work? What's the world's worst idea for a sci-fi film? What's the biggest balls-up in sporting history?
These are the kind of questions facing the panel of comedians taking part in So Wrong It's Right.

Each week, Charlie plunders his guests' pasts, creativity and general knowledge over a series of rounds in which panellists have to be wrong to be right. The aim for Charlie's guests is to come up with the wrongest answer to each question they're asked, with Charlie awarding a point to whoever he decides gave the most inappropriate answer.

Our Review: We really enjoy So Wrong It's Right. Some people have complained that it features the same guests as other panel shows (i.e. David Mitchell), but the programme does have some great moments.

The biggest highlight so far has probably been the battle between Brooker and Lee Mack over Twitter, which you can listen to here.