Series 1 (2007)

1. Privinvasionacy

First Broadcast: Mon 19th November 2007

Ian tries to get people to fill out a survey about people's bodily habits. In particular, their lower body habits.

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2. Eligibilliant

First Broadcast: Mon 26th November 2007

Ian attempts to ask children about their views on yogurt, on a rough council estate in the middle of Halloween. He only manages to ask an old woman, who thinks he his Death.

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3. Obselejectivitysence

First Broadcast: Mon 3rd December 2007

Ian tries to test out a new electronic system for entering his data on a street where all of the houses are being demolished.

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4. Confidentialitydence

First Broadcast: Mon 10th December 2007

Ian tries some product placement around a block of flats, and finds himself embroiled with a love-starved woman.

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5. Incentativity

First Broadcast: Mon 17th December 2007

Ian carries out a poll concerning racial tolerance, and is given an added incentive. If he interviews people successfully, he earns food.

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6. Profitch

First Broadcast: Mon 24th December 2007

A trip down a dual carriageway and a meeting with a man who claims to be a prophet lead to Ian making an important decision.

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