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Henning Knows Best (Radio 2, Saturday), features comedian Henning Wehn - regularly hilarious as a guest on Radio 4's The Unbelievable Truth - looking at the British from a German point of view. The first programme was about class and, while there were some lines to make you smile (Wehn said his father told him to leave Germany in 1984 because all the jobs had been taken by "chirpy, lovable, violent Geordies" in Auf Wiedersehen Pet) much of it relied on flat cliches and we also had to suffer Peter York talking unfunny twaddle. "It's their bank balance," he said, asked for the defining clue to someone's class. Apart from a couple of nasty lines - working-class people used to be too busy working "to hunt for paedophiles or buy track suits from Sports Direct" - this was safe, obvious stuff.

Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian, 22nd March 2012