Genius. Dave Gorman. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.


Radio panel show in which Dave Gorman and a celebrity guest take a range of ideas from the public, in the hope they will find something that is 'Genius'

Panel Show
2005 - 2008  (BBC Radio 4)
18 (3 series)
Dave Gorman
Ali Crockatt, David Scott
British Broadcasting Corporation

Each episode of Genius sees host Dave Gorman and a celebrity guest deciding which ideas and inventions thought up by the Radio 4 listeners have the unique quality of 'Genius'. At the end of each show the audience vote for which idea put forward that week should win the coveted 'Genius Trophy'.

Our Review: A clever idea for a show. It is rare that a comedy show involves so much participation from members of the public. In a way Genius is a bit like a talent show, but one for people who actually have talent and intelligence!

The series is certainly successful in the eyes of the BBC. They have now ordered a full series of the television version, although the radio version of Genius is continuing.

It should be noted that Genius is not always looked upon favourably by listeners. The last idea of the third series was to improve the Genius voting system. It was indeed changed in the following episode.