Edge Falls

Radio sitcom set in a retail shopping park, written by Paul Barnhill and Neil Warhurst

2007 - 2008  (BBC Radio 4)
11 (2 series)
Mark Benton, Frances Barber, Sarah Hadland, Emil Marwa, Paul Barnhill, Lindsay Allen, Neil Warhurst, Sarah Lancashire, Jasmine Callan, Rachel Bavidge, Stephen Critchlow
Paul Barnhill, Neil Warhurst
British Broadcasting Corporation

Sitcom following the staff of Edge Falls (an out-of-town retail park) as they try to maintain their sanity and provide a real shopping experience for the customers.

Each week politically incorrect manager Sonya dreams up a scheme to extricate large amounts of cash from shoppers, such as Pink Thursday, where in order to attract the gay community to the retail park she gives a 20 per cent discount if customers come out at the till.

And each week Mick, the chief of security, inadvertently mucks up Sonya's plans - usually because he is busy trying to woo back his ex-wife, Valerie, who manages the shop Fortywinks.

Our Review: An entertaining enough sitcom - but not one that made a big enough impact upon us that we'd have been upset if we'd missed an episode.

With series two ending with a fire that engulfed Fortywinks and Rez, it remains to be seen whether the BBC and the writers will be back for a third series.