Chambers. Image shows from L to R: Hilary Tripping (James Fleet), Clive Coleman, John Fuller-Carp (John Bird). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.


Legal comedy. Machiavellian Head of Chambers John Fuller-Carp's misadventures as he schemes to become a QC

1996 - 1999  (BBC Radio 4)
14 (3 series)
John Bird, James Fleet, Jonathan Kydd, Lesley Sharp, Sarah Lancashire
Clive Coleman
British Broadcasting Corporation

Chambers is a BBC Radio 4 sitcom from the late 1990s about an ambitious lawyer, John Fuller-Carp, as he repeatedly compromised both moral and legal principles in his quest to become a QC.

Starring John Bird in the main role, James Fleet played Hilary Tripping, with Lesley Sharp (Series 1) and Sarah Lancashire (Series 2 & 3) as Ruth Quirke. Jonathan Kydd played chambers clerk Vince Griffiths.

Our Review: Chambers was a successful Radio 4 comedy of the 1990s, written by the ever reliable Clive Coleman. Coleman's background as a qualified lawyer ensure the authentic realism in Chambers, despite the broad comedy style and tendency towards stock type characters.

The series benefitted from the excellent performance of John Bird, playing a character perfectly suited to his established range in the conniving, acerbic and morally questionable John Fuller-Carp. James Fleet provided his usual pleasing turn as awkward, naive and bumbling younger partner Hilary Tripping, and Jonathan Kydd hit the right notes as wide boy clerk Vince. Sarah Lancashire's role as partner Ruth Quirke was rather more underwritten but she brought it to life after taking it over from Lesley Sharp.

Clive Coleman's scripts were consistently funny, with plenty of good lines for Fuller-Carp in particular, and the plots rolled along cheerfully. Standard Radio 4 sitcom fare it may have been, but it was high quality nonetheless.