Another Case Of Milton Jones. Milton (Milton Jones). Image credit: Pozzitive Productions.

Another Case Of Milton Jones

A pun-heavy radio sitcom. Milton Jones bestrides the globe as an expert in his field, with no ability whatsoever

2005 - 2011  (BBC Radio 4)
26 (5 series)
Milton Jones, Lucy Montgomery, Dave Lamb, Steven Kynman, Dan Tetsell, Ingrid Oliver, Ben Willbond, Tom Goodman-Hill, Debbie Chazen
Milton Jones, James Cary
Pozzitive Productions

A pun-heavy sitcom in which Milton Jones proves himself each week to a complete and utter expert at something. From courtroom barrister and world explorer to Mayor of London and championship jockey, Milton plunges into big adventures with absolutely no ability or competence.

Our Review: A joyous string of quick-fire silly puns and clever wordplay from Milton Jones. This programme isn't going to everyone's tates because it is a very specific style of comedy, but if you're a fan of puns that make you groan this is likely to be one of your all-time favourite comedies.

Example Joke:
TV Executive: I've just got back from shooting a pilot.
Milton: Bad flight was it?