A Series Of Psychotic Episodes. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

A Series Of Psychotic Episodes

Surreal Radio 7 (and now Radio 4) Sony-nominated sketch comedy show from new comic talent Miriam Elia

Radio 7's Witty And Twisted
Series of Psychotic Episodes
Sketch Show
2007 - 2010  (BBC Radio 4 / BBC Radio 7)
9 (pilot + 2 series)
Miriam Elia, Ruth Donegan, Alyssa Kyria, James Kenward, Dan Tetsell, Joanna Neary, Rachel Atkins, Pippa Evans, Geoffrey McGivern, David Reed
Miriam Elia, James Kenward, Ezra Elia
British Broadcasting Corporation

Dark and daft, A Series of Psychotic Episodes meanders through events (real and fictional) in Miriam Elia's life and features such surreal things as a talking wall, the ironic stripper fairy, a mosquito who has seen too many Hitchcock films and Hansel & Gretel visiting an all night garage.

There are also a selection of recurring sketches in show. In the first series these included the annoying New Age Mother; historical radio series Revising History; and MC Veryfasttalk, a rap DJ who moves to the countryside for work.

Recurring sketches in the second series include the paranoid diary of Edward the Hamster (1990-1990) and Postmodern Pat, in which the children's TV character realises everything is fiction.

Our Review: This show has already received a fair amount of critical acclaim. A Series of Psychotic Episodes won the Witty and Twisted competition in which a series of ten pilots on BBC Radio 7 fought it out for a full series commission. Not only that, but the show was also nominated for a Sony Award for Best Comedy - a big achievement for what was just a pilot at the time.

Listening to the full series you can see why the pilot picked up such praise - each fifteen minutes absolutely fizzed with originality, unique humour and great sketch ideas (e.g. Hansel and Gretel visiting a modern shop).

The BBC have shown confidence in the show by moving the second series to BBC Radio 4, making this only the second BBC Radio 7 show to transfer to Radio 4 with a brand new series (the first being The Corrsepondent).

Elia is planning to write a longer series this year, but nothing has yet been confirmed.