Channel 4 Television Corporation

Channel 4 was born in 1982 and has broadcast a number of excellent cult sitcoms.

Channel 4 is known for being cutting edge and has helped to create some of the best of the darker, off-the-wall, and adult rated sitcoms in the UK.

Some of their comedy output includes Father Ted, Spaced and The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year.

Most Channel 4 output is sourced through independent production companies.

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Phone Number 020 7306 8333
Postal Address Channel 4 Television, 124 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 2TX
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Channel 4 Television Corporation - British Comedy Productions

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Jack Whitehall Feeling Nuts

Jack Whitehall Feeling Nuts

Jack Whitehall is to host Feeling Nuts, a one-off Channel 4 comedy show for testicular cancer. Read