The Rough With The Smooth

BBC One sitcom. 7 episodes (pilot + 1 series), 1971 - 1975. Stars Tim Brooke-Taylor, John Junkin and Richard Hurndall.

Series 1

1. The Broom Cupboard

First broadcast: Wednesday 16th July 1975

When Harry is invited to be the guest of honour at his old firm's annual dance, Richard is keen to attend as well. He remembers the tales of amorous exploits that his flatmate has regaled him with ...


2. The Accountant

First broadcast: Wednesday 23rd July 1975

Harry sees green when his romantic advances to the lovely Leonie are rebuffed as she seems more interested in Richard. He is determined to get his own back but events take an unexpected turn ...


3. The Pilot

First broadcast: Wednesday 30th July 1975

Harry needs help impressing the rather imposingly intellectual Veronica and so he enlists the help of his equally bright friend, Richard...


4. The Dinner

First broadcast: Wednesday 6th August 1975

It looks a dull evening ahead for Richard and Harry when they are forced to invite Mervyn Thackeray and his geologist sister around for dinner. But appearances can be deceptive and the night might not be such a disaster after all ...


5. The Present

First broadcast: Wednesday 13th August 1975

When an unexpected present arrives at the flat, Harry and Richard are excited but they have a problem - they don't know who the present is from or, indeed, who it is for?!


6. The Sales Conference

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th August 1975

Running a sales conference is not their area of expertise and so disaster looms for Richard and Harry when they attempt it.