Mr Pye

Channel 4 comedy drama. 4 episodes (1 series) in 1986.

Mr Pye

Mr Pye

A great wind of change is blowing over the Isle of Sark, and it goes by the name of Mr. Pye.

Mr. Pye is a man on a mission, or as he might describe it, an evangelical adventure. He has come to encourage the residents to put aside their differences and embrace his concept of 'The Great Pal'. This proves harder than he expected as Sark has bred a good many long-standing disagreements and rubbed-the-wrong-way rivalries.

There's his landlady, the formidable Miss Dredger, and her ongoing feud with the equally formidable Miss George; Thorpe, a frustrated artist in more ways than one, especially by his love for the free-loving 'Tanty'; and then there's Mr. Pye himself, a man about to discover how demanding the 'Great Pal' can be, as first he pays the price for being too good... and then for being too evil.

First released: Monday 8th August 2011

  • Distributor: Acorn Media
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 2
  • Catalogue: AV9824

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