Him & Her. Image shows from L to R: Becky (Sarah Solemani), Steve (Russell Tovey). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Him & Her

BBC Three sitcom about a young couple. 25 episodes (4 series), 2010 - 2013. Stars Russell Tovey, Sarah Solemani, Kerry Howard, Ricky Champ and others.

Ricky Champ interview

Him & Her. Paul (Ricky Champ). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.Ricky Champ talks about his role in the second series of Him & Her...

How are we introduced to Paul in Series 2?

Paul kind of hurtles towards a moment of poignancy in this series. His moment of poignancy in Series 1 was violence - I think there's only one episode where Paul wasn't all "crash-bang-wallop" and that was when he was on his best behaviour in Episode 3 - The Get Together - in front of Becky and Laura's parents. In this series we see a vulnerable side to him. I think he starts to realise what love might be about so although he's still Paul - we see him confiding in Steve, which he hasn't done before. He's still an awful person though; he is definitely fun to play.

Do we see more into his life - his mates, things like that?

We do - there's an episode called The Fight, which obviously is Paul's fight... someone else pinches Laura's ass, and Paul spends the entire episode going mad, really mad, with Darren and the other Paul, Paul's horrible friends. They're like Paul, but without the vulnerability - they're quite dangerous.

How do the rest of the characters react to him bringing these mates into the flat?

It bewilders me because I wouldn't tolerate people like that in my flat! But I think it sets it up for a really good situation - you get a look at how each individual reacts to the situation. And I think by this stage in the series, you really care about the characters, and you want to know what they really think.

How have you found filming this series, compared to Series 1?

Well this time I'm doing seven out of seven episodes, which is brilliant, to be involved in all of them. And while we do have fun and a joke, everyone works hard. It's quite an intimate set, it's quite an intense working environment, and everyone has a wonderful sense of humour!

You've transferred from theatre to television, how has that been?

My background has been the theatre, and the transition from theatre to this show has been made easier by lots of similarities in this set-up; like the generous rehearsal process and the run through at the beginning of every week, on set and in front of the producers, writer, set people etc. And our director Richard Laxton is beautiful to work with.

Finally, any further hints at what's coming up for Paul in this series?

No Postman Pat this year which was a blow. A lot more Ben Sherman, but I keep thinking to myself "oh I quite like this" and then I remember that Paul chose it and think "Oh God". But we do get to see some kind of face-paint monstrosity, that's all I'm going to say about that.

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Published: Saturday 1st October 2011