Animated comedy Dave's Games to air on BBC Three

Saturday 18th May 2024, 10:35am

Dave's Games

BBC Three is to broadcast Dave's Games, an animated comedy set around a video games shop in 1995, as part of its BBC Comedy Short Films strand.

Written by Jon-Lee Martin, directed by Kyle Webster and animated by Chris Bowles and Garth Lee Vickers, Dave's Games was made in 2021. It has previously been screened at the BBC Comedy Festival in Cardiff in 2023, and now has been packaged as a 15 minute TV comedy to air on BBC Three on 27th May.

The plot is described as follows: "It's 1995, and welcome to Dave's Games: your one-stop shop for all things video games, from computers and consoles to poppers and Pogs - and how can you forget the floor-to-ceiling piles of plastic game cartridges? Self-appointed 'gaming legend', shop owner and father (in that order), Dave is the king of his own crumbling kingdom. Sure, there's mould on the ceiling and some of the oldest video games you've ever seen (even for 1995), but it's the only games shop in town. At least until the gigantic, shiny, futuristic rival shop Turbo Gamez opens just down the road. And they also happen to be releasing the newest and most sophisticated piece of gaming technology the world has ever seen: the first ever PlayStation..."

Jon-Lee Martin voices Dave, with Jamie Demetriou playing the characters of Flappy and Melvyn. Jessica Gunning, who has since found fame via The Outlaws and Baby Reindeer, takes on the role of Nel, with Emily Atack voicing Yonder. Sarah Twomey plays Scott and Marc Pickering is Wayne.

Dave's Games will be on BBC Three on Monday 27th May at 9:50pm. It will be available to watch on iPlayer following the broadcast.

The central character has previously been seen in web videos. Here is the trailer for the YouTube channel:

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