Fern Brady special Autistic Bikini Queen on Netflix from 22nd April

Monday 18th March 2024, 11:48am

Fern Brady. Credit: Raphaël Neal

Stand-up special Fern Brady: Autistic Bikini Queen will be launched on Netflix on 22nd April.

Filmed in Bristol, the special features Brady's 2022 tour show, which had sell-out runs across the UK, Ireland and Australia.

The blurb says: "Known for being totally unique and completely fearless, her caustic wit, exceptional writing and electric stagecraft have made Fern one of the UK's hottest comedy stars. In this special, she'll be tackling big issues such as death, shagging, marriage and ageing. In her typically honest and authentic way Fern is never scared to speak her mind. This show is the culmination of nearly two years of rumination."

Brady says: "This show, despite its title, is 1% about autism and 99% about relationships, marriage and death. I'm delighted my bleak worldview will find a bigger audience on Netflix, but I am sorry that as the first Scottish lady with a Netflix special, it will mislead people into thinking we're all like this when we aren't."

The new special follows on from Fern Brady: Power & Chaos, which was broadcast on BBC Scotland in 2021.

The comic's current show, I Gave You Milk To Drink, will tour the UK from August to November.

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