'Auf Wiedersehen, Pet' to be celebrated via Newcastle event

Wednesday 13th December 2023, 8:12am

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

An event honouring 1980s comedy drama Auf Wiedersehen, Pet will take place in Newcastle in 2024.

The show's 40th anniversary will be celebrated at O2 City Hall on Saturday 11th May.

The event's blurb says: "The team behind the Official 'Auf Wiedersehen, Pet' Fan Site hosts their largest-ever live event in celebration of 40 years of television's premier award-winning comedy drama series.

"Part one of the show will be hosted by north-east comedian, screenwriter, and actor, Jason Cook where he will be joined by members of the Auf Wiedersehen, Pet cast and crew for a nostalgic look-back, including behind-the-scenes information, never-before-seen bloopers, anecdotes, and memories.

"In the second part of the show, Jimmy Nail (AKA Leonard Jeffrey 'Oz' Osborne) and his band will deliver a concert performance, featuring Auf Wiedersehen, Pet-related music, including theme songs, as well as a selection of songs by Oz's idol, American country legend Merle Haggard."

Speaking to ITV, Jimmy Nail confirmed: "For this 40th-anniversary concert, I'll be dusting off my duds and performing a selection of country-themed songs, some with an AWP connection along with some of my own compositions.

"It's also an opportunity to get together with friends and connect with the show's fans, young and old, to celebrate this extraordinary milestone. Happy Birthday, AWP!"

The comedy, which began on TV on 11th November 1983, followed a group of Geordie workers who decide to leave their wives and girlfriends in search of employment overseas. Dennis, Neville and Oz become labourers on a Düsseldorf building site, where they share a hut with four other expatriates - boring Brummie electrician Barry, Cockney carpenter Wayne, level-headed Bristolian wrestler Bomber and Scouse petty crook Moxey.

Tickets are on sale now

The organisers say: "Don't miss this unique evening to commemorate the birth, reception, and enduring legacy of this beloved television classic featuring Britain's favourite builders."

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