Stop Messing About!
Stop Messing About!

Stop Messing About!

  • Radio sketch show
  • BBC Radio 2
  • 1969 - 1970
  • 26 episodes (2 series)

Sketch comedy starring Kenneth Williams.

Stop Messing About!

Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick and Joan Sims go beyond Round The Horne in this fabulous vintage comedy show.

A sparkling sequel to the legendary Round The Horne, Stop Messing About! continued the comedy tradition, reuniting Kenneth Williams with both his former foil Hugh Paddick and his Carry On co-star Joan Sims.

Included here are all 26 episodes of the all-nude radio show, complete with favourites such as 'Crackerjackanory with Mother', 'Feeble Fables', 'Clarence J Mousepartner's Problem Corner' and movie spoofs including 2002: A Space Oddity; The Dirty Half-Dozen and A Fistful of Denaro.

Join the Earl of Shotterley for a tour of his ancestral home, Talpurgis Hall; peek into the past with 'Vada-ing Back'; thumb through the pages of Douglas Smith's incredible Pull-Out Supplement; thrill to the shocking exposés of regular documentary feature 'The Smith Report' and prepare to be impressed by the Kenneth Williams Exhibition (all his bits and pieces are on display).

Wandering pop group Peter, Paul & Mrs Nosepoultice share some traditional folk harmonies; a bijou male-voice choir present their bona repertoire, star-crossed pensioners Meg and Tone tell their soul-searing story; and we meet the Homey Secretary and his friend Black Rod - whose performances on the floor of the House leave a lot to be desired...

With music by the Max Harris Group and announcements from Douglas 'Hot Lips' Smith, this classic comedy series is packed with quick-witted quips, double entendres, saucy songs and outrageously funny sketches.

First released: Thursday 25th January 2024

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