Bird Island. Image shows from L to R: Jane (Katy Wix), Ben (Reece Shearsmith), Graham (Julian Rhind-Tutt), Mother (Alison Steadman). Copyright: BBC.

Bird Island

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about a lonely scientist. 8 episodes (2 series), 2012 - 2014. Stars Reece Shearsmith, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Alison Steadman and Katy Wix.

Bird Island - The Complete Series 1-2

Bird Island - The Complete Series 1-2

Ben, a young scientist working in the sub-Antarctic, tries to adapt to the loneliness by keeping a cheery audio diary on his dictaphone.

On the one hand, Ben is on the trip of a lifetime to Sub-Antarctica. On the other, he's trapped in an icy hell with one other person, a dodgy internet connection and a dictaphone. Loneliness is something of a problem. His fellow travelling scientist Graham should alleviate this, but the tragi-comic fact is, they are nerdy blokes, so they can only stumble through yet another awkward exchange. Ben experiences all the highs and lows that this beautiful, but lonely place has to offer but fails miserably to communicate this to Graham. So, Ben shares his thoughts with us in the form of an audio 'log'.

Apart from his research studying the Albatross on the Island, Ben attempts to continue normal life with an earnestness and enthusiasm which is ultimately very endearing. We're with him as chats awkwardly with Graham, telephones his mother and as he tries to form a long distance relationship with a woman through In fact, we follow Ben as everything occurs to him. We also hear the pings and whirrs of machinery, the Squawks and screeches of the birds and the vast expanse outside. Oh, and ice. Lots of ice.

Starring Reece Shearsmith and Julian Rhind-Tutt. Written by Katy Wix.

First published: Thursday 21st November 2019

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