RHLSTP with Richard Herring: Edinburgh 2019 - Isma Almas and Tony Slattery

Edinburgh #9: Carry On Cocaining. Richard is worried that his comments about a royal might lead to his ultimate demise... buy he's more worried about extreme vaginal temperatures. He's got two great gigs to distract his lazy ass, Isma Almas and Tony Slattery. With Isma he discusses how it's possible to tick too many boxes, performing in a burkha, why comedy is the perfect job if you hate working and they hatch a foolproof plan to get back at their critics. Tony chats about his career and the factors that led to its implosion, how much coke he might have been taking a week, Kenneth Branagh's campness, the harshness of an industry that loves you when you're winning and the lessons he has learned. It's really brilliant, so stop reading this and listen to it.

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  • Published: 11th August 2019
  • Length: 60 mins

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