RHLSTP with Richard Herring: RHLSTP 459 - Paul Foot

#459 Huge Fork, Tiny Knife - Richard is at the Hanger Farms Arts Centre in Totton, as safe distance from the Fringe and is wondering what drives people to bother to leave one star reviews of fairly low key tourist spots. His guest is eccentric Englishman and brilliant stand-up Paul Foot. They discuss the confusing advert Paul shot in Australia with Richard Branson, why all movies are exactly the same, the fury of John Terry's cousin and why you shouldn't go to a comedy show when your mum has just died, how Bjork proved to be a boner killer (the film is Dancer In The Dark, though I am not sure it goes exactly as Paul remembered) and what it's like to be Paul Foot in real life (just as much fun as he is on stage).

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  • Published: 16th August 2023
  • Length: 57 mins

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