RHLSTP with Richard Herring: RHLSTP 59 - Victoria Coren Mitchell

RHLSTP #59: Victoria Coren Mitchell - What's It Like Being the Unattractive One from Lee and Herring? Richard is gifted a front row audience member who is not only wearing red glasses but is also called Aanth (that is not a typo) and vents as much as he can whilst in a position of strength, knowing his guest should be able to wipe the floor with him: it's record-breaking poker player and the stern host of Only Connect, Victoria Coren Mitchell. She has the requisite disdain for the emergency questions and Richard's foolishly competitive nature and there are fun chats about her attempts to make a porn film, how she faced up to and exposed some weirdo funeral crashers, who puts the bins out in the Coren Mitchell household and how different the Universe might have been if Richard had realised that there was a possible flirtation beneath their first ever meeting. Richard also considers the Universe in which he now has £4 million and Victoria has some good advice about gambling.

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  • Published: 7th January 2015
  • Length: 85 mins
  • Size: 116.9mb


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