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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast: 2012 #18: Al Murray and Celia Pacquola

2012 #18: Yorkshire Robin Hood – Al Murray and Celia Pacquola. Richard Herring, the sweaty-backed comedian happy to give piggy-backs to his fans as long as they ask first is on a downward spiral of tiredness and illness, but still trudged down to The Stand to interview Al Murray. He literally has the hardest job in the world. Literally. And he does it all for love. The love of losing money. Luckily Al has a lot to say, so Rich can have a much needed snooze. There's an in depth discussion of the Twitter Joke Trial, a much needed light shone on the story of the British Army in Burma in World War II and Rich recounts an odd dream about his wife and his first girlfriend, which might shed some light on his strange and damaged psyche. Al shows he won't let sleeping dogs lie and Richard wonders if it is possible to rape an ant? So it's pretty much business as usual, but with a lot more stuff about Burma in it than usual. Exactly a week of the festival remaining. Oh God. Stand-up from the very funny Celia Pacquola.

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Published: 27th August 2012.   Length: 60 minutes.   Size: 56.06mb

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