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Collings & Herrin: Podcast 82

Our 82nd podcast comes in the form of a Dan Brown-style mystery - we call it The Da Versity Code. What governmental/church conspiracy is afoot? At around 52 minutes into the podcast, a perfectly harmless section about Britain's Got Talent-winning dance troupe Diversity visiting Gordon Brown at number 10, Downing Street causes the laptop to stop recording - thus, all trace of this two or three-minute routine is lost forever. Still, the rest of it will compensate. This podcast is not sponsored the Beatles Rock Band video game, as Richard paid the full price for his. We just happen to be playing on it before and after the recording, and in the accompanying photograph, with the combined age of 86. Elsewhere, it's the mystery rapist, the thrill of Great Yarmouth, the death of Keith Allen, Andrew's asthma, a mistaken 'nyum nyum' signal from Guardian TV writer Sarah Dempster and some plugs for the Lyric gig at Hammersmith, still some tickets left.

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Published: 17th September 2009.   Length: 66 minutes.   Size: 60.9mb

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