Sara Pascoe.

Sara Pascoe - Sex Power Money

Sara Pascoe - Sex Power Money

"Joji, a 50-year-old man from Japan, was squished to death by his porn collection in 2016. He might have been a really funny man, very kind, brilliant at crosswords or a super good swimmer. But we don't know anything about him, because his death is the kind that obliterates any life. People don't usually get physically hurt by their pornography use. Marjorie didn't get papercut to death by her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. But there remains much discussion about the danger, the harmful effects of porn..."

Part comedy, part anthropological study, here is everything Sara Pascoe has learned from scientists, sex ed teachers, pornographers, psychologists, sex workers, and serial daters; about masculinity, status, porn, and stuff. Like her first book, Animal, Pascoe overthinks and overshares in the name of our entertainment and education. This is a whipsmart, winningly funny look into who - and what - we are and what makes us tick.

First published: Thursday 29th August 2019

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