Roy Hudd to be celebrated on new Music Hall and Variety Day

Wednesday 6th May 2020, 9:27am

  • The British Music Hall Society is launching Music Hall and Variety Day on Saturday 16th May
  • Variety fans are being invited to celebrate the form online using the hashtag #musichallvarietyday
  • The day will also pay tribute to the society's former president Roy Hudd, who died in March
Roy Hudd

The British Music Hall Society is calling on the world of theatre entertainment to pay tribute to Roy Hudd on Saturday 16th May. The comedian and writer was president of the society for 28 years, until his death in March.

The new Music Hall and Variety Day will celebrate the theatrical form, which was a popular type of entertainment in earlier decades. It was popular from the early Victorian era, but faded away after 1918 and was re-branded as 'Variety.' The influences of this era of popular entertainment are still present today, such as Saturday evening talent contests, stand-up and sketch comedy.

Music Hall and variety theatre fans are being invited to celebrate the day by sharing personal artefacts, collections and memories of the genre using the hashtag #musichallvarietyday.

Chairman Adam Borzone says: "This year, more than ever, it is important to pay tribute to those we have lost. Roy Hudd brought joy to many during his lifetime. He was one of Music Hall's most passionate and talented champions. It is fitting that the community he did so much for comes together and celebrates by sharing memories of this era.

"We wish to make this an annual event and hope in the future Music Hall and Variety Day will be marked with further events including talks, shows and exhibitions. This initiative presents an opportunity for performers, theatre historians, theatre collections and collectors to unite and engage with us in providing some entertainment and joy."

Roy's widow, Debbie, comments: "I am delighted that the British Music Hall Society is paying tribute to Roy in this way. Roy loved Music Hall and Variety. He was honoured to be the President of the Society and was thrilled and delighted with the continuing work it does."

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