Gavin Webster
Gavin Webster

Gavin Webster

  • 54 years old
  • English
  • Stand-up comedian

Gavin Webster - Buddhism And Other Such Rubbish: Braggarts, Empty Vessels And Modern Day Arse Talkers

Have you ever considered that someone in your company talking at length about a big subject and they claim to know what they're talking about may be actually talking rubbish? Have you thought that their dogmatic description of said subject be completely ill informed, devoid of nuance and just plain wrong?

Stand up comedian of nearly 30 years Gavin Webster was sick and tired of meeting these types that he decided to write about his experiences of the chancers he's met in a light hearted yet paradoxically angry way. He tells of the braggarts, the empty vessels and 'modern day arse talkers' that bludgeon their way through subjects like getting big business to run the country, measuring living conditions by the price of a pint and becoming an expert in a field by merely buying equipment amongst other things. There is no answer to the problem but you'll be able to spot these blaggers better after reading the book.

First published: Tuesday 1st February 2022

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