Adam Bloom
Adam Bloom

Adam Bloom

  • 53 years old
  • British
  • Actor, writer and stand-up comedian

Finding Your Comic Genius: An In-Depth Guide To The Art Of Stand-Up Comedy

By Adam Bloom

This is possibly the most advanced book ever written about stand-up comedy. It will be extremely useful to anyone who already performs stand-up, regardless of their experience. Since 17 of the 32 chapters are dedicated to writing material, it will also be beneficial to anyone who's thinking about doing stand-up for the first time or does any form of public speaking.

Adam Bloom is a multi-award-winning comedian who has ghost-written for over 50 of his peers and is finally sharing all of his writing methods and theories on the art of stand-up comedy.

First published: Monday 28th August 2023

  • Pages: 318
  • Catalogue: 9798859382385

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