Dane Baptiste to pilot BBC Three entertainment show Bamous

Tuesday 20th October 2020, 2:07pm

  • Bamous, a comedy entertainment show coming to BBC Three, will be hosted by Dane Baptiste
  • The premise sees the host and guests interacting with a fictional stock index for diverse talent called NASBLAQ
  • Baptiste says: "I'm so incredibly proud of this commission. Bamous is the show I've always wanted to make"
Dane Baptiste. Copyright: Steve Ullathorne.

Dane Baptiste is to pilot a BBC Three show based around a fictional stock index for diverse talent.

Bamous centres around the mythical NASBLAQ - a stock index that determines which "diverse" people of talent are allowed up and down the ladder of fame and success at any one time.

The producers explain: "In this satirical new pilot for BBC Three, Dane and his assembled cast will try and figure out how the NASBLAQ works and how black talent can get to the top of it, with an avalanche of comedy sketches, stunts, funny archive, interviews, social campaigns and much more, promising to reflect Britain at its most true, most provocative and most current."

Dane Baptiste comments: "I'm so incredibly proud of this commission. Bamous is the show I've always wanted to make, where I can explore and celebrate Blackness, Britishness and how both of those elements combined can create a distinct and hilarious piece of work - with a style unlike anything on the planet right now. Black excellence at its most outstanding."

Fiona Campbell, the controller of BBC Three, adds: "With Dane at the helm, supported by a cast of some of the most exciting comedy performing, writing and production talent in the country, BBC Three is honoured to be the home of the NASBLAQ."

Matt Campion from Spirit Studios - which is making the show with by Baptiste's own company, John's Boy Entertainment, says: "I'm thrilled that the BBC has given us the opportunity to make this show. We at Spirit exist to drive change through entertainment - and this show aims to do exactly that. I'm also excited to introduce the world to the NASBLAQand the inner workings of Dane Baptiste's brilliant comedy mind."

The pilot will be broadcast at a later date.


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